Grow a Thriving Herb Garden 
In Places With Small Spaces?

Are you mulling over the idea of growing your own herb garden? With all that`s involved, can you do it?

You bet, but you don`t need a Gardener`s Degree, back yard or a year long search to collect a bunch of ideas and hints, piece them all together and make it happen.

Young Herb Garden on a windowsill

Herbhints is all about gathering the stuff that really matters for you here in one place. Best of all, you won`t need to fail first time round before you succeed when you get the right start.

Hi I'm Gem! Just take a sneak preview into my virtual herb garden and be inspired!

Just Visualize Your Herb Garden

The thought of growing your own can be pretty daunting stuff. Questions like,“Which herbs like the sun and which don`t?

Do they like north or south facing windows?

What on earth is soil pH?

Does it really matter?”

Should I start from seed or cheat and buy my Cilantro full grown?

Is it just a pipe dream anyway having such a tiny flat or small garden?”

But don`t allow questions like those to put you off the idea. It must be easier than you think. Just look around at the thousands of successful examples out there.

Try, rather to visualize yourself surrounded by your own hand reared budding beauties in a matter of a few months.

If you`re growing for the kitchen, think of all the opportunities you will have to throw tasty dinner parties and wow your friends. Garnishing a succulent meal with your very own home grown herbs could go viral and get your social network drooling.

Or just picture friends turning up on your doorstep seeking a herbal solution for a bad hair day or a green face pack for erasing those eye wrinkles. Ahhh! Sheer heaven!

If your problem is about space, no worries, think mini. As it goes, my herb growing boundaries only reach as far as the patio. (Now extended to a plot at the rear of the garden)

The man of the house proudly dominates the rest of our tiny 0.004 acre back yard with flowers, potatoes and callaloo.

You see, we live in the suburbs of London town, a busy, squeezed to the max metropolis. Yes, we would love to purchase something with a bit more leg-stretching room but larger properties come at a hefty price. Dream on Gem!

How about you? Maybe your boundary is as far as the balcony railings or even the kitchen windowsill. What's that you say? Tiny kitchen with no windowsill?

Hey! No sweat! Where there's space, be it a little, folks can grow herb gardens. No space or light means we'll create some!

It could be that none of the above is the problem. Maybe it`s the shrivelled, withering herbs that are driving you potty! ;-)

"They keep dying on me! Just exactly what is it that's killing the crops?", you keep asking yourself. “Am I suffering from black thumb, pink thumb, blue thumb...?”

Don't fret! Plants can be a wee bit temperamental at times. As it happens, some of them like a goldilocks habitat, not too hot, not too cold while others love basking in the heat. Unfortunately for us in the Northern part of the hemisphere, hardly any like the cold, but I can give you Herbhints for that too.

Anyhow, you`re off to a good start just arriving here. Hopefully you`ll leave with a more positive mindset. You are going to grow a herb garden with your  tag on it come what may, right? And I'll be with you boosting you all the way and giving myself a pat on the back at the same time.

Start With The Basics

Below are some of the first projects to get your dream herb garden up and running. Things like....

Are you ready? Get your gardening gloves on and lets get started!

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