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Hello!  This is a wee bit about me Jamesina Goulbourne the Author of HerbHints.com.

I agree! My name is a mouthfull to remember so my friends and family call me Gem.

My husband, affectionately known as Winston, will no doubt also be mentioned now and then in my pages as he has a big part to play in my horticultural activities and of course the grand kids who just love seeing plants grow. Mention eating them? Well, don't even go there.

A Little About My Roots

Born near Edinburgh in Scotland I was raised by my Scottish mum and a cook crazy Belizean dad who came to Scotland during the 2nd world war.

He brought with him his culinary expertise but for some reason he would refer to the kitchen as a scullery. I never really understood why, as he was head chef of the household, not chief bottle washer.

There he would rustle up some real tasty meals from vegetables he had grown in a garden that was more like a football pitch compaired to ours now. So naturally as a kid I was introduced to the world of horticulture at an early age and I was known to have “green fingers”, or as some like to call this phenomenon “green thumb just like my dear old papa.

Now as for my "spot" in the suburbs of London where I live quietly with my hubby, well spot is the correct word for it because in our locality most of the gardens are quite sparse and the allotment waiting lists are as long as your arm and can stretch into years. Well I`m not complaining but I cant wait around and watch the grass grow. I need my herbs to grow. Now!

About My Skills and Aspirations

I believe a herb garden is an important and essential asset that everyone should have. Do you? Just reaching out and picking fresh herbs every day to spice up your home cooking gives you that warm, homely feeling. But the health benefits are great too!

With a title like Jamesina Goulbourne SNHS (School of Natural Health Sciences) I can confidently state that herbal tinctures, teas, or just the raw stuff support our immune systems and in so many other ways, help to maintain good health. So that's my reason for growing them. What's yours?

But this is not just about growing. That`s not enough to inspire and be of help to you, so here's where my other natural skills come into play.

I'm a dab hand at space saving techniques and I like innovating and novelty ideas that will add to my inventory. That will come of use when working out how to plant a herb garden in small spaces.

I am also a bit of an Inspector Clouseau,. Detective Superintendent Jamesina Goulbourne at your service!  love investigating, experimenting and testing things out to see what happens or if what they tell us is really genuine. I do that a lot but its all for a good cause. You!

Our relationship is just beginning!

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