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As the owner and author of this site it is my wish that all visitors leave with a super idea, a practical and helpful tip, or a bit of know-how to help them achieve their goal of growing a successful herb garden in small spaces. This information is served up for you free of charge, with my compliments.

There is however, other information appearing on these pages in the form of advertisements that are based around the subject of growing herb gardens. From these I earn a small commission when an ad is clicked on or when someone clicks through and buys something. Those small commissions all add up to help pay for the general upkeep of the site and also the herb garden where I potter around growing herbs and producing interesting subject material for my pages.

I am however very particular about what ads are allowed. If the goods promoted through them are of a poor quality and of no value to you as a trusting visitor, they will never appear on Ads for items will only be approved if I have personally used them and can vouch for their good quality or they have been recommended by a reliable source.

So rest assured, go ahead and support me and my sponsors by clicking the ads with confidence or just ignore them completely if you only need information. You will still be helping to support this site on the web just by visiting and enjoying my garden gossip.

Why Are Google Ads Shown?

I receive a small commission when someone clicks on an ad sponsored and chosen by Google. If I think the ads that appear on any pages are inappropriate I have the option to tweak the settings and uncheck certain criteria so that visitors such as yourself stay happy.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

I am in full control over Amazon ads that are placed on specific pages. They are from 3rd party advertisers so require researching before they are featured. When someone clicks through from and buys something, I receive a small commission.

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I may at times sell real estate on my site. That is, when someone asks to place an ad of a certain size for a period of time on the website. The company pays a fee for this service. Before I accept an offer, the company and their product are fully scrutinized for honesty and quality.

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All the ads on this page click through to a product and if bought by you will generate a small fee helping to keep my site running.