The No Fool's April Gardening Tips

I have compiled a few wise tips for this year's April gardening. Us gardeners can get pretty restless over the dormant months like caged animals.

As soon as the sun shows its face we are catapulted into fast mode and go a bit crazy sowing and planting hither and thither. But don't get fooled by April it can literally freeze you in your tracks.

Yes, now is the time to sow annual and perennial herb seeds in planters, pots and in the ground but be prepared to protect them from cold and frost with fleece and cloches.

Warming Up!

The ground can still be a bit cold and damp in early Spring. If that's the case, here's a good tip to help the newly sown seeds to germinate and thrive.

After sowing, cover the area over with black plastic that will absorb the sun's rays and keep excess water out.

Use some rocks to weigh it down and check every day for the seedlings to appear.

Sprinkle with water to keep the soil moist but do not soak. A pressure spray bottle does a gentle job. It allows you to control the jet so you won't wash the seeds out of place nor overwater.

When the seedlings appear, remove the plastic and protect from snails and any sudden frost.

Use a natural snail deterrent or killer and exchange the plastic for fleece that lets in air and light, to cover the seedlings.

Herbs are not the only green life sprouting, weeds are on the move too. Some plants considered as weeds are on the contrary, useful herbs for us, the ladybirds, and the bees.

Allow some to grow in a small patch if you have room in your garden. A hoe will make light work of the rest and save you toiling later to get rid of proliferous types.

April Gardening Tips For Climbers

Isn't it just lovely to see summer jasmine with fresh new shoots! Quickly rub off any unwanted ones as soon as they appear, and tie in those that will shape and guide the vine to where you want it to grow.

Keep a keen eye on the base of the vine for runners. They are fast growing and will soon establish themselves in awkward and hard-to-get-at places.

My jasmine vine penetrated the roof of a neighbours shed. I couldn't get it out so cut it off with a remnant still inside. To this day they've never said a word about it!

Plant a passionflower vine by a south west facing wall or fence where it will bask in the sun but with some dappled shade and protection from wind and cold.

If the soil around vines has had time to warm then go ahead and mulch using compost or straw. Avoid the mulch touching the base of a vine.

Mulching helps protect roots from late frosts, helps retain moisture in the summer months, and suppresses weeds.

Insects and Bugs

Spring also awakens hibernating bugs that will lay their eggs in no time ready to devour your seedlings.

Buy a supply of garden friendly bug treatment against aphids, red spider mites, mealy bugs, white fly and start a weekly treatment regime as soon as you spot them.

Be careful not to mistake ladybug eggs as unfriendly insect eggs. When they hatch they release an army of aphid hunters into your garden. The ladybug larvae are a welcomed helper.

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