August Gardening Tips

As the summer starts winding down these August gardening tips will help you organize what you can spare of your free time. It will take away any excuses if you fail to get things done around the herb garden. Sorry!

What to do is delegate the projects to your own specifications throughout the month because we all have our own way of doing things. The object here is to just get things done and on time.

This month you will mainly be pre-occupied with cutting and drying roots and bulbs.

Cutting and Drying Herbs

Cut and dry :


Hyssop – Cut and dry the flowering tops.

We need to store some of our herbs for using during the cold winter, especially the ones that take a longer time to grow indoors like thyme, oregano (marjoram) and other hardy perennials. Other annal herbs can easily be grown indoors in succession for a plentiful supply.

Gather seeds from peppers, nasturtium, star flower (borage), and other herbs in seed and store them to plant in Spring.

Take Stem Cuttings

Angelica – Seedlings growing around the parent plant can be taken and replanted.

Bay – Cut woody stems from the bottom of the plant.

Lavender – Stems must be half ripe.

Rosemary – Cut soft not hard wood and then winter in a greenhouse. That is, if you have one. Or could it be the one you have to get cracking on and build?

Sage; Winter savoury

You can take cuttings of the following herbs this month or any other month, so if you`re really pushed for time, leave off for another time.

Feverfew; Scented geranium

Plant or Dry Bulbs and Roots

Drying :

Angelica – Only from the first year.

Echinacea –

Garlic – If the leaves are turning brown dig them up! The bulbs are ready to be dried in an airy place or outside if it`s sunny enough.

Planting :

Garlic – Mid August plant out nice, fresh garlic cloves with the paper-thin skins still on.

Yellowing valerian leaves

Valerian – During this plants second year cut the leaves off when they begin to yellow, dig up roots, wash and dry.

Any bulbs you are planting out will require a well nourished and prepared soil to get them off to a good start which task you should have already completed if you didn`t procrastinate.

Root Divisions

Divide :

Bergamont; Chives; Comfrey

Cowslip – Take note! It does not like its roots being disturbed but you`re the boss so if you want to try, this is the month.

Valerian – The first year you should divide roots and replant.

Salad Burnett - Eh! No, do not burn the salad! This is the name of an herb!

August Gardening Tips
On Long Term Projects

If you are thinking about installing a greenhouse don`t put it off any longer. In about 4 months we will be shivering in our boots with the cold, likewise our half-hardy perennials so now is the time to start planning.

Measure what available space you have and determine if it`s large enough for at least a small one. Then you need to prepare the area for a base, build it then erect your greenhouse ready for sheltering your herbs during the winter months. What are you waiting for? Get cracking!

I will add more August gardening tips on tasks I have overlooked myself. Well, us novices are far from perfect you know!

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