Chilli Champion

by Anitha

My chilli plant when it was smaller

My chilli plant when it was smaller

My name is Geetesh.

First my chilli pepper seed was not germinating but in a few weeks it started to grow and was growing quite well actually.

I watered it everyday and made sure that it was OK and still growing.

One day I looked at them and realised that only 3 were growing but I planted 6 seeds at first.

The next day I saw them all leaning on the pot. When I saw that, my mum came and put it at the window facing north.

When I put it there it stood back up again and grew bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger again.

By my son Geetesh

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Mar 07, 2019
Geetesh the Chilli Champ
by: Gem

Wow! Geetesh your chillie plant is super! ...and so tall.

When the flowers appear and open, use a cotton bud or the tip of your finger to gently brush the centre of each one to self-pollinate. Only then will the plant produce fruit.

Can`t wait to see your sunflowers grow. Enjoy your chalk marker pens as well.

We look forward to seeing updated pictures of your chillie plant through the summer months.

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