December Gardening
Hints and Tips

In this dormant season is there any December gardening chores that need doing? You may not think so but there is.

In addition, just a few days of neglect can make you miss noticing changes taking place outdoors in the herb garden and in the greenhouse.

Here's what you can do during this month in caring for your garden and a few unexpected developments you should look out for due to changing weather patterns.

December Gardening Includes
Keeping A Watchful Eye

I hadn't been in my greenhouse for a few days due to a nasty cold I had. Once I recovered and entered that warm and protective haven for my herbs to my horror I found aphids on a couple of basil plants I had placed in there.

Aphids in December? How did they get in?

Because the weather can be extra mild in winter months inspect all your plants for bug infestations before putting them in the greenhouse.

They have a habit of gatecrashing through windows and doors too while the greenhouse is being ventilated. If you find any in there take the infected plants out and give them a thorough spraying with a safe plant wash.

Steam cleaning greenhouse gardening DecemberSteam cleaning the greenhouse

The greenhouse is usually emptier during the dormant season allowing you a bit of space to give it a good clean.

The system I use is to first move all the plants to one side and steam clean everywhere in the cleared area.

I attack all crevices and cracks where eggs and bugs could lay dormant.

The steam will kill all of them even the mould! Woohoo! ...and if you don't act out "High Noon at O.K. Corral" with the steam gun, you won't have much water to mop up either. Use an old clean towel to dry off and then move the plants over and do the other side.

Don't forget to keep pots, trays and tools clean.

Outside the greenhouse, in your plot or patio continue sweeping up leaves. Save some in a pile for friendly garden creatures to hibernate during the winter.

You don't have to own a garden to face this task every year. The wind will quite happily deposit the shedding leaves of the big tree next door right onto your patio or balcony without your consent.

Wet, rotting leaves will encourage mould, algae and moss to grow on decking and stone paving slabs. So keep it swept clean!

Weed out any planters you don't plan on growing winter crops in, top with a layer of new compost and cover with cardboard ready for Spring planting.

Before we turn our attention indoors, don`t forget your feathered friends. They need your support in winter.

Buy or make some feeders using fat, suet, or cheese and bird seeds. Some water when everywhere is iced up will be go down a treat too.

December Gardening
for Herbs Indoors

Winter is here but you can still grow your herbs indoors and start harvesting them in just a few months.

Use those long winter evenings to sit and plan out your indoor and outdoor herb garden for next year.

Try expanding a little and choose one or two plants you haven't tried growing before.

If you want to start from scratch and sow seeds, buy them preferably from the country you reside in to minimise the entrance of foreign pests and disease. Plugs can be bought nearer to Springtime.

Design a new layout on paper for an existing outdoor patio or balcony garden. Refresh the look of it with some bright new planters.

Fun and Delicious DIY Projects

Homemade herb butters using rosemary parsley chives basil sage thyme and garlic.Homemade herb butters

December gardening includes preparing and enjoying your produce so what about those Pinterest DIY projects you pinned for later?

Now you have time to try a few out. Here are some that may take your fancy.

Store your leafy crops by making homemade herb butters, or seeds and fruits pickled in vinegars. Find new recipes!

Lavender herb pouch pillow scented indoor DIY gardening craftLavender pouch

Make a few lavender pouches and pockets to place under pillows and in drawers...

or try your hand at space saving Makrame plant hangers for placing herbs around the home.

Other projects to try.

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