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What is the worst herb garden pest you can think of? Take your pick! Snail, slug, caterpillar, aphids, etc; etc. Herbs are let off lightly when it comes to the great bug banquet and can ward off most, but they do have their challenges.

What comes to mind for me is the aphid! But equally I was plagued by annoying little fungus gnats. Between them both, they destroyed my coriander, parsley and my super little chilli pepper plant that was producing for me crop upon crop of fairly hot peppers.

I was baffled because this all happened indoors. How on earth did aphids get in to eat my parsley plants? They all come originally from outside. Its how they get in that's the problem and how to stop or control them.

There's a multitude of garden advice gurus out there on the internet swearing blind that they have found the remedy to forever rid you off these pesky pests. By the time I had tried a few out some of my prized beginner crop had died the death.

The Garden Pest Short List

The Fungus Gnat is number 1 indoor herb garden pest. If you share your home with any kind of house plant you may have experienced them yourself, spotting them while sitting in front of your computer screen. Aargh They habitually fly around your face but try and swat them and they will vanish into thin air.

Some folks admit they are annoying but they deny they can cause any serious harm. I can tell you now, they do, and in trying to eradicate them you may just end up contributing to the demolition as I did. See how I eventually got the irritating gnat infestation under control indoors. However, extra tactics are needed outdoors to control them.

The notorious Aphid (greenfly; blackfly) comes in many sizes and colours. This very common garden pest can be green, black, pink, peach, orange, red or grey. They will literally cover your nasturtium, lovage, and oregano stems.

I found it hard to discover what the parasite was on my parsley. At first I thought I had a red spider mite infestation. The photos I saw on the net confused me even more so I am posting a photo of a leaf from my ailing plant. ( the above pic)

They like to hide at the back of leaves and spread like wild fire, so being vigilant and acting quickly is vital before they suck the living daylights out of your plants.

With my first herb garden I had several herbs growing on my windowsill, coriander, oregano, sage, and chilli pepper but it was the parsley that came under attack.

I tried washing them off but panicked and threw the whole plant out when more aphids kept emerging from the bottom of the stalk. (See How to Rid Aphids)

More Garden Pests to Look Out For

Slugs or Snails - Fight them the natural way with plants and predators.

Red Spider Mites  – Not so much a spider but a mite. They love to venture into greenhouses, and homes.

Ants – Where aphids are, ants are! Its the sticky sweet stuff the aphids and other bugs secrete that attract them.

Leaf Miners – If you have little white tunnels on your leaves, you've got them! They love celery, oregano, and lovage.

Carrot Fly Maggot – White coloured maggots that attack the roots of parsley and celery turning leaves a bronze colour.

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