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Your Herb Gardeners Calendar

With a monthly guide we can see beforehand and well in time what we need to clip, plant, dig up, or cover up without feeling overwhelmed by the confusing and mounting pile of chores that are screaming to be done.

So get organized! Use my yearly calendar below that has hints and tips on some essential things that need doing each month.

When To Sow Seeds

Sowing seeds on time is crucial for getting your Spring herb garden on the move. Checking the gardeners calendar in December or January will remind you to get the seeds you need for propagation which can start as early as February.

You can plan to buy pots, containers and shelters to house the young seedlings until you plant out after the last frost.

A hard copy paper calendar is always useful for jotting down your own important dates and tips. Hang it right there in the greenhouse or porch. Or one in the form of a diary will be at hand when you want to consult it quickly.

When To Reap The Bounty

Harvest time is always a busy time. You need to pick, dry, freeze, pickle as well as stop some crops from bolting in order to keep reaping their bounty.

When should you do this? At the beginning of the month, or the end?

You may be so busy that you forget to water and feed some herbs that are really in need of it to keep producing their fruits, like chilli peppers for example.

A gardeners calendar will indicate when and how long to keep these necessary jobs in your mind's eye so you never overlook them.

When To Prepare Beds

The gardener's year has a dormant period when growth slows down and some herbs die back. This is the time to prepare for next years planting.

No sitting back in your rocking chair on the veranda sipping Vermouth! Well maybe just a little. It's time for the plants to slow down, not you. This can be ;quite a busy time.

Soil gets tired too that means you will be working it and adding manures, bonemeal, and other nutrients to replenish it. Perennial herbs need mulching and feeding.

Are you planning to erect a greenhouse or cold frame before the real frost and snow arrive. This all takes pre-planning to get it done on time so you can enjoy your new growth next year.

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