Herb Gardening Tips For November Brrrrrr!

Winter is knocking at the door! Be well prepared with these gardening tips for November so your herbs will come out unscathed.

Herb Protection Check List

Fleece – Keep plenty of this winter blanket stocked for the perennial herbs. It stops frost from forming on leaves which will freeze them, turn them black and kill the plant.

Wrap it around plastic, ceramic, or clay pots to give added protection. It helps keep the warmth in and stop roots from freezing.

Straw – This is for mature plants that will stay outside in ground beds. Cover them with straw around the roots or over the whole plant which will keep the roots from freezing and act as a wind barrier.

Compost – Layer the soil with a top dressing of compost. That will retain some of the warmth in the soil. But this is best done before it turns cold. You can use compost instead of straw to protect roots of outdoor wintering herbs.

Small Portable Greenhouse – If you only have a balcony or patio and your herbs can't be brought indoors, a mini portable greenhouse is a good investment as long as it is sheltered from high winds and you can securely tie it to railings, pillars or posts.

They come with a zipped door. Open it slightly during the day to let air circulate.

Place larger pots on the floor and smaller lighter pots on the shelves.

Top Three November Garden Tips

Clear Tarpaulin

The best of my gardening tips for November is don't be afraid to use tarpaulin! Last year I used a green tarpaulin as a makeshift polytunnel to cover the herbs on the patio during the night.

It worked as an effective protection from the heavy snowfall and wind while still allowing air to circulate. Uncovering them every morning was a ritual making sure they got some light..

However, they are situated up against the wall of my house where the warmth from the brick walls help keep frost from forming.

This year I have invested in a clear sheet which will let in at least 70% of available light.

My plants are protected during the day without having to lift the tarpaulin to let in light.

A note of caution though if you do this. On a sunny winter`s day it can be stifling for plants underneath a clear tarpaulin. Make sure to leave gaps at the top so hot air can escape.


Have plenty pots at hand in a variety of sizes to pot up tender annual herbs. Bringing them indoors will prolong the crop. Pot up semi-hardy perennials ready for indoor wintering.

Don't throw away pots when you buy new plants. Wash them up and store them to use at this time or year, or for sowing seeds early next year before and in the Springtime. That way you will be contributing to reducing the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

Indoor Grow Lights

Winter months indoors is kind of gloomy. We know how it affects us. Well plants need the light even more than we do. An indoor grow light will give them enough light to keep them happy and flourishing.

If you have a small cool room on the ground floor or a shed, clamp a few grow lights to shelves or tables and move your plants in for the winter.

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