Latest Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Are you finding it difficult to think up good gift ideas for gardeners in your circle of friends? You are not alone! If you're not the outdoor type yourself you may not have a clue what to look for.

We green-fingered people are usually serious about our hobby so you want to give something that can actually be put to good use.

Trug and Basket
Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Put together any of these super ideas for gifting wicker trugs and baskets and your guaranteed it will put a smile on anyone's face.

Trugs give a touch of class to a garden and make a great pressie. They are made for picking a whole bunch of herbs and vegetables from a large garden but they can be used with some imagination and panache as containers to display modestly sized pots of herbs on a patio, or balcony.

Another great idea is to purchase one and fill it with lots of garden goodies! Gloves, small fork and trowel, secateurs, herb seeds, natural plant pots, and a “50 Ways To Kill A Slug” paper back to add some laughter while they wait for the herbs grow..

Or you can buy one already filled then just add those little extras that the recipient may personally need. It's a sure winner for a gift!

Hand Gardening Tools

Love comes in small packages! As a practical gift, gardening tools make a perfect choice!

Personalizing them though with a name or title, all packaged up in a holder, gift box or bag give them a special touch.

There are so many styles to choose from with just the fork and trowel or a tote bag or case filled with a variety of garden tools.

Wooden Planters

A great gift that will give a facelift to a worn-out garden or new design layout to someone's patio or balcony is a wooden planter.

These natural planters are easy to put together with instructions. The wood is already treated and ready to install.

tI's best to give this as a gift well before Springtime so it can be build and prepared to receive new herb plants once the last frosts have passed.

Choose from a variety of styles in rustic or beautiful and richly polished wood. Tiered planters save space so are ideal for small areas.

Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Surprisingly, these make terrific gifts to give at anytime of the year. They will grow all year round because the home is warm.

Just make sure your friend or family member has a vacant south/west windowsill to grow them on.

Herb Garden Seeds

Seeds in a tin! A lovely small and thoughtful gift.

Gardeners love tins to store seeds in, so once the seeds and other items are used the tin will continue to serve a purpose for storing seeds or other garden bits and bobs.

Solar Light Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Gardens come alive and are very welcoming during the summer evening when lights are hung. There are hundreds of pretty solar lights to choose from.

Lantern styles can be placed in among the herbs or string lights strung up on trellises and from pillar to post.

I have solar lights on my patio that change colour and a variety of coloured ones with a cracked glass look.

This type of light is a good choice for a gift. They can be placed anywhere and are almost maintenance free.

Homemade and DIY
Gift Ideas For Gardeners

If your want to make your own gift which has your personal touch and taken from the fruits of your labour, try your hand at making a lavender wand, herb vinegars, or how about some tasty herb butters. Great on toast first thing in the morning along with a cup of coffee!

For more gift ideas see my DIY for gardeners pages.

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