Small Greenhouse Construction

4x4 Small aluminium and polycarbonate sheet greenhouse

This is the second stage of my greenhouse construction. Go to building a greenhouse base to see how the foundations were laid.

Aluminium polycarbonate greenhouses are modern, well insulated, and light weight constructions. I bought a kit with a green frame blending in well with the garden. I was well pleased with that!

Greenhouse Construction
with Polycarbonate Double Glazing

t really is important to check all parts are included before you get started and that you have all the tools needed. There is nothing worse than holding tricky parts in place and discovering you have left the tool you need in the shed. Frustrating is not the word!

!f you don't posses a tool harness,wear clothing with plenty of pockets to hold tools, screws and bolts. Dropping screws and bolts can be a pain to butter fingers like me. A handy piece of DIY kit to make and have ready is a strong magnet on a string. It will get into any awkward small space and grab the screws you drop.

Asking For Help and Words of Caution

The company I bought my greenhouse from were very, very obliging when I asked for more help. The instructions were a bit mind boggling to follow so he sent me a couple of videos. Fantastic! I was able to follow through with this extra help. So if you are getting in a fix, ask for help! Or get the Greenhouse Construction For Dummies book if one exists.

Word of caution! When it comes to slotting in roof panels, make sure any adjacent buildings, walls, fences, or trees will not be so close that you don't have room to slot them. I had to deviate a bit from the instructions to get panels on part of the roof where a yukka tree gets in the way. (My husband would go ballistic if I were to chop it down!)

Once you have the base fixed to the ground, you can get on with building the frame. Bracket plates, bolts and screws are what make up the connective parts to my greenhouse. There were no fiddly clips to struggle with.

There will come a time when you need to slot a few glazing panels into place before you can proceed to the next stage of building the frame. This is hazardous on windy days as I discovered.

Although they are strong, they are so light that the least bit of breeze lifts them into the air. One panel I was trying to slot into the roof frame flew off into a neighbours garden. What was worse, I had stripped away the protective film which also indicates which side is coated with the UV protection. This is the side that faces the sun.

So keep this protective film on as long as you can and strip it off only when you've finished your greenhouse construction.

If you do find that the wind is picking up, put a cover over your structure to protect it until you can resume on the next calm day.

Ample space inside my small aluminium greenhouse
Chillies in the greenhouse
Have a happy construction!
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