Growing an Herb Garden

I did it! I put my hand to growing an herb garden right here at home. Why? Well one good reason is I don`t like buying semi-fresh herbs at the supermarket that are way too expensive and never get used up before they wilt and die.

Another good reason is I like growing plants. Then there was this idea of logging all the results, good and bad, in a website just for you!

Various herb seedlings growing under light

It`s like keeping pets really. Give them a warm place to sit, a little nourishment, and some TLC (tender loving care) and voila! Almost instant delight as you watch them sprout, grow and flourish.

Of course you will reap other rewards as well, both culinary and herbal. But before you can enjoy these goodies you need to start planning how to go about it.

Growing an Herb Garden Requires Preparation

Think of where you will grow your herbs! If you decide on the kitchen windowsill, is it South facing where the sun will shine all day long? If not then your little green friends will need some extra lighting.

It could be you are fortunate enough to own a balcony or patio. Well usually space is precious on a balcony so growing vertically is an option to consider. Move over hanging gardens of Babylon! There are some innovative ideas out there to stir your imagination.

Painting a wooden pallet for growing an herb garden

Go crazy with your patio. Tiered planters are stunning. Stained wooden pallets give a rustic atmosphere. Get creative on ways to use them. Only just started painting mine in the photo above.

A rummage around car boot sales and markets for unusual pots will give your garden charm and character. If they come without drainage holes make some.

Winston my hubby is always willing to drill a couple of holes for me in the base of the pots without holes. It works with the unglazed type. We've never tried drilling glazed pots. I can imagine the drill slipping all over the place and ruining the pot into the bargain.

Its fun buying young plants from your local garden centre. No worries about pots and soil. They come ready supplied. But if you really want to enjoy the experience, plant from seed. Get yourself a variety of plant pots, small and not too large if your growing for the windowsill then start potting your young herbs.

Don't forget growing medium. A good seeding compost will give your seeds the care they need to get sprouting and you don't need to worry at this stage about soil pH.

Then there are kits, kits and more kits. They take the headache out of starting up and can be a great gift to a friend who is thinking of growing an herb garden but never get their idea off the ground. No pun intended!

Hints and Tips for Growing an Herb Garden

Trowel icon

I would advise that you start off with just 2 or 3 plants, then add to your collection once those first few are well established. Keep your herb garden basic and I mean basic! Why complicate things!

Three easy herbs to grow from seed are:

  1. Basil - Italiano Classico (annual, King of the Herbs) Sew March - April for outdoors and all year round for indoors 
  2. Parsley (biennial) Sew March - August for outdoors and all year round for indoors
  3. Coriander (annual) Sew March - August for outdoors and all year round for indoors
young parsley plant in tall pot

If you can find one, get yourself a long thin pot for the parsley. Its a tap root plant, meaning, its root goes deep and stores up food for the plant.

One important point to remember before you start. Don't think you need to know it all to begin with. I will blaze the trail for you. Just go ahead and get started.

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