Growing Indoor Herbs
For Every Room

This is a continuation of growing indoor herbs not only in the kitchen, living room and bathroom, but also the bedroom, hallway, conservatory and surprisingly, the attic

Growing Indoor Herbs for the Bedroom

Plants that will relax, induce sleep, perfume the air and take care of the linen are the best choice for the bedroom.


Ah! Lavender! Most of us know that lavender aids sleep. Not only will it perfume the air of your bedroom but can be placed inside a herb pillow for a relaxing experience.

unsplash-logoSharon McCutcheon

Santolina (Cotton Lavender)

Santolina which is not really a lavender, is another herb tailor made for the bedroom where clothes are kept. Being a moth and insect repellent the flowers can be put in drawers or hung in wardrobes and the leaves which give off a pungent smell will scent the air.

Not everyone though likes the smell of Santolina.

Growing Indoor Herbs for the Hallway

My selection for hallways are scented geraniums and sweet bay.

Scented Geraniums

Hallways lead to all rooms in the house and so are subjected to a constant stream of comings and goings. This traffic can be used to stir up and scent the air. The herb to use for this is scented geranium (pelargoniums).

In Victorian times growing indoor herbs was fashionable. Those were the days! No chemical spray air fresheners were used then. Aromatic herbs in pots (especially geraniums) were placed in rooms so that when ladies passed by their skirts would brush against them scenting the room.

There are so many cultivars to choose from that give off a unique scent of their own. Rose and peppermint, rose and lemon, orange, apple and so many more. (a)

No reason why we can't adopt this great method today. Just position them strategically so they are lightly brushed as family and friends pass.

Sweet Bay

Sweet bay looks grand when the leaves are polished up. They make a nice ornamental addition to a hall way. Even small hallways can have small sweet bay plants in them. Just keep them neatly pruned.

The scent they release will be heightened if you keep the leaves clean and shiny but don't use anything but a damp cloth for this to avoid blocked pores. Plants need to breath to stay healthy.

Growing Indoor Herbs
for the Conservatory

Two herbs ideal for conservatories are Balm of Gilead and a much smaller herb, common houseleek.

Balm of Gilead

Not all of us have the privilege of enjoying a conservatory so if you can find a really sunny room in the house these two herbs will find a home there.

Balm of Gilead (Cedronella canariensis) has a lovely pink long lasting flower and leaves that release a spicy musky scent. A nice ornamental herb that should be planted in a largish pot depending on how tall you want it to grow.


On a much smaller scale is a cute, very attractive succulent that produces lots of baby plants. This is the common houseleek or lovingly known as hen and chicks. It requires lots of light but little maintenance and will fit into a tiny space under lights for non- conservatory, small apartment owners.

unsplash-logoAshlyn Gulbranson

All you need is a small pot, or shallow planter to grow them in with some gravel for mulch to create the perfect condition and an attractive display.

The leaves are edible and used for skin conditions.

Growing Indoor Herbs for the Attic

The attic??? Well you can grow almost anything in the attic if you happen to have one and if it happens to have a sky light window. No window in the attic? Invest in a small grow tent! This is gardening for the near future and for the present as populations are squeezed more and more into small tight spaces with no room to grow outdoors.


a. Page 107 The complete book of herbs by Lesley Bremness.

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