Growing Lovage in a Container

Although best sown in the ground I am growing lovage in a pot as part of a patio herb garden.

The year before I made the mistake of re-potting it along with angelica but the angelica grew a large root system and reached tall heights within a short period of time.

It was awesome, but it caused my lovage to struggled through its second year.

Lesson learned! Give lovage plenty of room to grow. As a large ornamental herb it looks good and does well on its own.

How to Grow Lovage From Seed

Sow seeds in late summer or July in a pot large enough to support a young plant. It will die back in Autumn ready to spring back again around March or April then you can plant it into a much larger container.

My lovage is coming up for the third year. It`s now March so time has come to allocate it to its own pot.

Lovage loves sun but not too much and too hot. It needs a bit of shade too. Move it around on a pot caddy and see how it behaves.

If the leaves are turning a lighter yellow colour it is getting too much sun. Give it plenty of water but don't let the roots sit in it.

If you can't wait and want a plant established this year then you better sow the seeds indoors now in a heated propagator, nurture the seedling in protective surroundings, and plant the young plant out around May.

This herb will grow tall and wide. Plant it in a deep pot to give enough room for its sprawling roots and spreading leaves. Just one plant alone will give a continuous supply for an average family.

Lovage Is Loved by Insects Too

When growing lovage keep in mind that it is susceptible to caterpillar and aphid infestations. Keep checking the leaves often for any signs of damage.

Look closely! Some caterpillars and aphids are masters at camouflage.

If you see any act quickly and wash them off with a strong spray and a natural, food friendly, plant soap. Keep on top of it and you will save yourself a headache later on.

Growing Lovage
To Spice Up Your Love Life

Why love parsley? No I'm not talking about the breath freshening type!

Lovage is called by other names and Love Parsley is the one that brings a wry smile to most  people`s faces

It is thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac!

Doesn`t that merit all the more reason why you should include it as one of your herb favourites. Of course it does!

Will it really work? Well, this is one investigation I'll leave for you to carry out.

Just grab a bunch, and with salt, pepper and eggs, mix it in for hubby`s breakfast omelette. Chop loads into his soup for lunch, and serve it up as a side veg at suppertime. Then woohoo!

Don't forget to hang the “do not disturb” sign on your door!

Of course there are other reasons why you should consider growing lovage as a valuable herb for your garden. The entire plant has its uses from leaf tip to root end.

You can cook it or infuse it. It's a deodorant, a diuretic, a cleanser, and even used to scent baths,

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