Growing My Angelica

by Harriette
(Morden )

Andrew with his herb

Andrew with his herb

When I first started growing my angelica plant I put it on my bedroom window sill. I went back to get something but got caught up.

When I was done I went back to the plant but then I forgot where I had put it so I went running around my house looking for it.

Finely I went to my bedroom and looked out of the window and at the corner of my eyes I could see the plant sitting where I had left it right there on the window sill, so I picked it up and put it in the living room so it wouldn't get lost again.

When I first sowed my angelica seeds in the pot and put water on them, for weeks they didn't grow so I looked at them and pushed the seeds down a little more and put water on them again and then one started to grow.

Now its really taking over cant wait to see it grow up.

By my son Andrew

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Mar 03, 2019
Hunting A Herb
by: HerbHints Author

I remember Andrew telling me that he had lost his plant. If I recall, he thought he had put it outside and it had blown off the balcony.

I advised him to look for it in the grass below which he did but it was nowhere to be found so we resolved to get some new seeds to him to sow and try again.

Before I could say,"Jack and the beanstalk!" Andrew`s mum told me that he had found his plant. It was never lost but was on the windowsill where he left it all the while.

Well done Andrew on growing your angelica from seed. Keep looking after it as it will grow to be quite tall and next year you will see an amazing display of umberella-like shoots that will produce lots of seeds.

Try making candied angelica with the stalks!

Enjoy using your liquid chalk markers and growing the giant and dwarf sunflower seeds!

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