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Growing Rosemary From Seed And Cuttings

Growing rosemary from seed can be a challenge so the usual advice given is to take cuttings. Nature doesn't have a problem sowing so why should you. Come and see how to do it.

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How To Grow Garlic From Cloves

If you know how to grow garlic you will have at the ready a powerful natural first aid kit and a good supply of this tasty garnish for the kitchen.

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Soil pH and Herbs

The correct soil pH will determine the success of a herb garden. Learn what it is and simple steps you can take to correct levels even for plants in containers and pots.

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How to Grow Parsley Simplified

Tutorial on how to grow parsley any time of the year. You will learn about seed sowing pinching and strengthening your herb to get a bushier crop.

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Growing Sorrel – Red Veined

Growing sorrel for its ornamental and culinary benefits is a great addition to any smart herb garden but don't be put off by the red veined bleeder. It looks pretty and tastes good.

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Growing Lovage In A Pot

A guide to growing lovage in a container herb garden starting from sowing the seeds to reaping a healthy harvest.

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February Gardening for Herb Growers

The February gardening calendar for herb growers helps you get up and running with your first seed sowing projects and some ideas for new pots and planters ready for Spring.

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DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

A home made DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden with a twist. Make your own using used jars and some scrap trimmings to create a visual culinary delight on a sunny windowsill.

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