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Container Herb Garden

Growing a container herb garden has the advantages of mobility and charm. Not only are they good for the kitchen but pleasant to the eye.

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Growing Chervil

Try growing chervil as a refreshing change indoors and out. This overlooked ornamental herb is big on flavour and has multiple health benefits in store for you girls.

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Growing Lovage In A Pot

A guide to growing lovage in a container herb garden starting from sowing the seeds to reaping a healthy harvest.

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Growing Lambs Lettuce

Lambs lettuce known as corn salad is one of those herbs that garnish the table when others sleep through the winter. Learn how to grow it and keep your vitamins topped up through to Spring.

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How to Grow Valerian

Grow valerian for its medicinal roots, edible leaves and as a flowering plant for attracting beneficial insects to your herb garden.

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Arugula The Garden Rocket

Garden rocket is one of the easiest and fastest of herbs to grow. No it isn't named for that reason but its roots go back to Roman times excuse the pun, and they just devoured it for the sake of their love life.

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Growing My Angelica

When I first started growing my angelica plant I put it on my bedroom window sill. I went back to get something but got caught up. When I was done I

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March Gardening Calendar For Herb Growers

These March gardening tips will get your green fingers busy this month after what seemed to be a painfully long winter just waiting for Spring. Get your defences ready for war on those seedling munchers and start preparing water-retaining potting mix.

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