Cool Herb Garden Ideas

Do you like originality? I am partial to it, so don't expect my herb garden ideas or the majority of them to be cookie cutters because many stem from my own quirky imagination. I promise not to get too funky here, but if they tickle your fancy then I'm happy!

Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas

Wooden Pallet Project

Yeah, I know! Wooden pallet vertical gardens are becoming so common now that they verge on my cookie cutter radar. But you don't need to go with the flow. Personally I think they look cool and naturally blend in with the green environment, plus you can usually pick them up for free.

Try something different with them. Cut them up and join the pieces in a new way like I did to create my DIY rustic pallet planter. Join us and do your bit to recycle for the planet.

These Herb Garden Ideas Rock!

Stones, rocks and boulders look awesome in the garden. Decorating with them or shovelling some gravel around can really show off your garden or ward off burglars if nothing else.

At the same time stone and gravel help keep the heat in the soil in readiness for winter and retain moisture during the summer months.

I had a habit of picking up colourful or weird shaped stones as a keepsake from beaches and other natural sites I had visited around the UK and sometimes abroad,. But these days one can incur a hefty fine from indulging in stone collecting.

Now I simply buy them from landscapers, gardening centres, or builder's yards. Quite boring really because the stones there fall short when it comes to interesting formations. However, they do make up for the variety of different stone from around the country such as slate, granite, …

Shovel up the coloured gravel! It looks stunning when you play about with a few colours. The bags are labelled decorative stone pot toppers. A nice mix of these around rocks is another herb garden idea that I like. Polished stones from a craft shop look good too but can be a bit costly.

Herb Garden Ideas Using Arches

You might be thinking arches are for large gardens. Not so! They serve 3 purposes in the garden.

  1. Because you can make them shorter than intended the ends can be anchored in large pots on a patio or fixed to a wall or fence in a small garden. You could even attach them to the railings on a balcony so the structure arches above your head. I love this idea. Just think of passion fruit, honeysuckle or other climbing herbs producing a natural shade while you sit underneath sipping a cool drink and watching the world pass by. Heaven!
  2. If you use strong arches and fix them to a wall, eureka! Shelve the rungs! Brilliant for vertical garden ideas. Think of how many herb plants you can grow on this system. Arches are known to be strong but make sure the shelves can take the strain. Keep the pots and plants small and light.
  3. Hanging baskets of herbs from the rungs of shortened arches make for space saving too, making good use of the little space you have. There are several trailing herbs that will be quite happy to put their roots there. Trailing rosemary, thyme and nasturtium are 3 common herbs that give colour and effect.
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