Herb Gardens For Kids
Named Jack

Herb gardens for kids clip art of a happy boy amazed at his plant`s growth like Jack`s beanstalk with the text Kids Growing UpIntroduce your kids to herb gardening

Really? No, we want herb gardens for kids named Jennifer, Jaden, July, and Justine, Joslyne, Jacob, Jacklyn and John. In a nutshell for all our children. Isn't that right kids! It's time to put your wellies on or your slippers!

Grow Super Easy Herbs Indoors

Winter is coming! The wind's blowing, rain's pouring the old woman is snoring. OK, enough of that! Have you got your kit ready? You will need 8 things to get your indoor garden started.

  1. Seeds (Not beans for beanstalks)
  2. Some compost
  3. A plant pot
  4. A small garden tool
  5. A stick or pencil
  6. Water
  7. A marker
  8. A smile

The Best Seeds to Grow

But which seeds do you want to grow? Something that can grow super fast.

German camomile does! That's a sweet smelling herb with pretty white and yellow flowers. Looks a bit like a daisy.

The leaves look like ferns when the plant gets bigger. You will see it pop through the soil in about 2 weeks. Not long to wait. After that you have to look after it and see that the soil doesn't dry out.

Chives. Do you like long leaves? Then how about sowing chive seeds. I hope you like onions because chives taste just like them.

You can cut the leaves just like your hair, wait till they grow and cut them again. How does that work? Well that's for the science class isn't it!

This herb also has a pretty flower. It looks like a purple hairy ball.

Basil and Garlic

Want to eat more pizza? Your mum will weaken and comply if you volunteer to supply the ingredients. So what goes into pizza that you can grow?

A simple margherita pizza has basil and garlic along with tomatoes, olive oil and other tasty bits. Don't worry! You don't need to grow an olive tree. Let's just stick to growing the easy herbs. Basil and garlic. You could even ask your mum or dad to help you grow some tomatoes for the sauce.

Cress, Coriander and Parsley

All you young chefs out there listen! Making the family salad is a big first step to you becoming top chef in the house. So go ahead and grow a little cress, parsley, and coriander to pop their taste buds. It will impress so much that even your cat, dog, rabbit, or baby brother will ask for more.

OK, let's recap! We now have a nice and easy short list to create colourful and tasty herb gardens for kids. We have German camomile, chives, basil, garlic, cress, parsley, and coriander.That`s a good list!

Weird Herb Gardens For Kids

Now I didn't say herb gardens for weird kids did I! We won't go there!

Grow Nasturtium. Nasty to some, but I "dig" it. :-) It's a fast growing herb but don't plant it in your mums garden in the Springtime because it's worse than Jack's beanstalk. It will be everywhere before long. Keep it in a pot.

The flowers on this herb are really colourful and guess what? You can actually eat the flowers. No kiddin!


What else can you plant in the weird garden? Something sweet maybe. No you don't need to wait for some kind of fruit to grow. There`s a plant called Stevia which has sweet, sweet leaves. Even sweeter than sugar! Grow some just to taste, but don't let it flower. If you do, the leaves will loose their sweetness.

Walking onion bulbs. These are also called Egyptian onions.

Bring On The Mystery Plant

Now there's one more I want to tell you about. Walking onions! Awesome! You`ve got to try growing these things. They look like onions up-side-down. Show them off to your friends. They won't believe you if you don't produce some evidence.

Kid`s Gardening Activities

Are you ready? Let`s Grow a Herb!

Grow A Herb is first of my autumn/winter 2018 garden activities for kids. Participants are growing from seed a herb plant of their choice.

The activity will ran up to December and by that time everyone should have had something to shout about even if it`s not as good as Jack`s beanstalk.

When their plants reach 10cm tall the entrants can use the form below to post their story and pictures. Everyone will receive something.

The top 10 best entries will receive a pack of 10 awesome DubScribblers liquid chalk markers worth £20. 

This includes 4 fluorescent colours to draw some bright and beautiful doodles on windows, blackboards, plant pots and other non-essential house items.

Fun neon pattern on plant pot under uv lights for kid`s garden project.Neon Chalk Marker Plant Pot under UV lights. Good fun idea for a Kid`s night herb garden!

The fluorescent look fantastic under UV lights. Great for a night garden! They will also get some giant or dwarf sunflower seeds to plant in Spring.

20 runners-up will receive 3 markers each. 1 fluorescent colour and 2 non-fluorescent. Don`t worry! The chalk wipes off using a dry or wet cloth. Instructions come with the markers.

All other recipients will receive a small prize.

Attention! Children under 16. Your parents need to approve of  this activity and fill in the form with you.

Your Plant`s Grown Already? Wow! Doesn`t Time Fly!

We can`t wait to hear your story about all the fun you had growing it. But don`t forget to tell us the funny things that happened too.

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Grow A Herb

Andrew is our first young “Grow a Herb” participant to send in his entry. Well done Andrew!

Your chalk markers are on their way! To read his and other kid's entries you'll find the links at the bottom of this page.

Geetesh is a Chilli Champion his herb is now 2ft tall and is bearing lots of chillies.

Some were picked last month and used in a tastey dish he and his dad cooked.