How To Grow Dill
Even On The Windowsill

Want to know a secret? How to grow dill from seed is as easy as saying dill and pickles! Yes you can grow dill on your windowsill this winter and it will pop up within 2 weeks without much pampering

I love it with grilled salmon! What is your favourite dish? Dill has a distinct taste. It's not like fennel with its aniseed taste but is milder and sweeter on the tongue.

Before we talk about how to grow dill just one more word on cooking it. Add it when the dish is nearly cooked so it doesn't loose its flavour. You probably knew that already but I thought I would just mention it. Just in case...

How to Grow Dill Indoors

Dill Seeds

Well, you can grow it anywhere inside. On a shelf under grow lights, in a hydroponic unit with water and nutrients or in the natural light of a south-facing window.

Sowing the seeds is done by scattering them on the surface of potting compost and then covering them with a thin layer on top. Place them in a warm sunny spot and water well.

The leaves don't look like dill at first. In fact, at this stage they look more like grass or similar to Californian poppy leaves. Don't worry! You haven't planted the wrong seeds. They will soon start looking like dill, long and feathery.

Once the plant has reasonable growth then use it as a “cut and come again” crop. Your plant will keep producing more leaves as long as you give it water and light.

Grow Dill Outdoors

Sow when frost is over and where you want the dill to grow because it hates being moved. Your instructions will have a sunny position as preference but I found the dill wilted as soon as it was in the hot sun for an hour or so. I had to prop us some shade for it when the sun was at its hottest.

To distribute it evenly scatter the seed and then gently rake it in using a small hand rake. Shake some soil over the top and water with a watering can.

Dill in bloomFlowering Dill

Growing Dill Under Grow Lights

Not everyone has a windowsill in their kitchen. This is where LED grow lights come into service. They are so economical to use and have either a base stand or clamp that can be fixed to shelving.

Sow the dill seeds in the same way as before and place under the lights. The pots need to be close to the light but as the seedlings sprout and grow adjust the light further away so you don't “bleach” the leaves. This is called photo-inhibition.

Treat your plants like they are under natural light. Give them at least 8 hours each day for a healthy growth.

Growing Dill in Water

Try growing dill in water. This is known as hydroponics. You will need a hydroponic unit for this along with nutrients and growing media.

Did You Know?

Dill is the ingredient used in gripe water for babies. The Nordic word “dilla” to lull is the source of the word dill. It definitely lulled my son many moons ago when mothers could buy gripe water readily in local pharmacies. It was good for getting that gas out.

Now it has to be sold as a supplement in the USA because the FDA classed it as an unapproved drug. (1)


(1) Gripe Water - Wikipedia

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