Simply How To Grow Parsley

You could just pluck it off the supermarket shelf or learn how to grow parsley at home. The latter is by far the better choice for flavour and effect.

Growing it can be simple if you keep in mind a few necessary steps. Give the plant plenty of light, pinch out new growth now and then, give it plenty water, and bug check if you want the chance to actually eat it yourself.

Home grown parsley gives you a fresher stronger herb and that means tastier meals and stronger cleansing and anticeptic agents.

How To Sow Parsley Seed

Having fresh parsley all year round means planning on when to sow and where to sow.

For summer crops sow the seed in April, ½ inch (1cm) deep and space them 2cm apart. Parsley has a long tap root but can be grown in deep containers or tubs.

Pasley likes full sun but I find it grows better in semi-shade and when watered well.

To protect your plants from ravinous aphids and other hungry bugs use a cloche along with a manual visual check now and then just in case one egg laying female aphid broke through.

Sow in late summer for winter harvesting but realise you will need to bring the herb indoors or place in a greenhouse when the weather turns colder at the end of Autumn. If you have limited space 1 pot is enough for the windowsill or small greenhouse.

Keep using a cloche. Those hungry bugs are even more determined to get a bite out of your parsley.

How to Grow Parsley
Using a Hydroponic Unit

Learning how to grow parsley in a hydroponic unit has an advantage in the winter months. The parsley will grow rapidly due to the grow lights, the fertilizer, and the warmth of indoor heating.

Sow the seed 1cm below the grow medium the same as if sowing in compost or soil. Keep to a maximum of 2 seeds per pot or the roots will get really tangled.

I use loose pumice stone gravel as a grow medium in the hydroponic baskets so I can separate and free up the roots easily.

Follow the manufacturer`s instructions on the liquid fertilizer bottle on how much to put in the water reservoir

Then it`s just a matter of transplanting into compost once the parsley is big enough. Remember and take into account the space available indoors or if the last frost is over before placing them outside.

How To Reap a Bountiful Crop

For a bushier plant
pinch out new growth using the thumb and forefinger nails just above a joint with 2 leaves.

Do not let your parsley bolt! No, it won`t run away but this herb is a biennual and it will shoot out flower stems in the second year. The plant will give all its energy to produce flowers and seed, but stop growing fresh succulent leaves.

How can you stop it? Pinch out any flower buds that develop. Keep doing this and the plant will continue to grow fresh leaves.

However, if you want it to self-seed and grow more parsley then by all means let the herb do its stuff!

Parsley Cosmetics

Wow! Have a parsley party girls! Yes of course! Invite your friends around for facials and eye soothing baths. Or a parsley hair tonic and conditioner session for a bad hair day treatment. You`ll be doing your bit for the planet and helping your friends go “Au naturel!”

Medicinal Parsley

Got a bad breath problem? No worries! Chew fresh parsley leaves to freshen up and have nice skin into the bargain. But don`t stop there, the list goes on.

Infused as a drink, the leaves go down well as a digestive tonic to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

You can even use as an antiseptic poultice for insect bites and small wounds.

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