Indoor Gardening Tips
For Growing Herbs

Practical indoor gardening tips will help you grow healthy herbs but let`s get off on a good start by choosing the right herb kits, sensible ideas, and practical planters.

A Note On Herb Kits

I grow herbs indoors myself and already know how frustrating it is to buy a kit and wonder why the seeds won't germinate. So if you are thinking of parting with some hard earned cash for one, read these few Herb Kit tips to help you know what to look out for.

The windowsill is the first place folks will think of placing an indoor herb garden. Most kits have a rustic look that appeals to the more romantic of natures.

A package usually contains a combination of 3 or 4 kinds of herb seeds, pots for growing them, compost and a container for the pots. Sometimes they will throw in a few plant markers for extras. Everything you need is in each box excluding the tools.

But beware! There is a cell by date on all seeds, and compost will eventually dry right out if those kits have been lying around in some warehouse for a couple of years or more.

Do your sums! Old seeds + crispy compost = no herbs! So check the sell-by-date. See my indoor gardening tips for growing a windowsill herb garden.

Indoor Gardening Tips
for Pots and Planters

Hanging planters, shelving systems for plants, stacking planters, your name them. There are so many to choose from. Here are a few hints as to why some can look good but are a definite no no, while others prove the best choice for style and practicality.

The net is bombarded with modern designer planters and don't get me wrong, I like modern designer!

But let's face it, at the sight of new funky designs we are all mesmerized by the sheer beauty of them. Without realizing it, we have overlooked their practicality which is just as, if not more important than their face value.

Here's an example.

There are lovely, lovely planters hanging on ropes with tiers that reach right up to the ceiling. You can grow a lot of herbs in just a little space with those!

Think it through!

Do you really want to be climbing a step ladder to reach the parsley that's right on the top tier? Really? While cooking a meal for dinner guests? No! I didn't think so!

Indoor Gardening Tips
on Workable Ideas

My idea was to buy an indoor herb garden that would have a built in light source and could make good use of the little space I had.

What caught my eye was a unit with dimensions that would fit snugly in a corner on my kitchen worktop. Being a two tiered design makes good use of the space and because it has a separate grow light on each tier I don`t need to swap the plants around.

Make it a practice to take measurements of areas where you plan on growing your herbs. Buying locally needs more forethought and preparation than buying online. It's easier to run and measure the available space for a unit you see on a website than if you were in a shop on the high street miles away from home.

Shelving units on wheels are an ideal place for growing your herbs. Pushing them conveniently under kitchen worktops keeps them out of your way until your ready to pick some herbs for the pot. Here again grow lights can be attached allowing your garden to grow even when void of natural light.

Dining room herb gardens are appealing because they promote a healthy approach to diet. Cooking with herbs eliminates the heavy use of salt, enhancing the flavouring of of stews, roasts and salads.

A popular choice is Click and Grow. No fuss, just a container unit with full spectrum grow lights.

Family and guests are more inclined to try something new that's not only tasty but good for them when the herb garden is close to the dining table where they can see and pinch some of their favourite herbs. They may eventually ditch the fast food choices.

Indoor Gardening Tips
For A Healthy Crop

Watering varies depending on the season and where you keep your herbs. High temperatures can dry plants out quickly so keep this in mind if your garden is in the kitchen or when the temperature soars during the summer.

Keep your herbs away from direct heat either from the intense sun through a window or the heat from the stove. On the other hand, keep them away from drafts and cold windowsills.

Check the compost frequently. If the surface is too dry give them a good water from the base. After an hour or so if any water is still in the pot saucer, empty it out.

Use your herbs! Don't be afraid to pinch out some for the pot. Plucking out new leaves from the top encourages bushy growth but also take some of the outer leaves. Grow a few plants so you have a good supply.

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