Indoor Grow Lights
A Solution For Windowless Rooms

Creating light is easier than creating space. Indoor grow lights are the solution! If your problem is no windows this is for you! Wherever there is a spare shelve or corner it can be turned into a nice little herb garden with the help of these little God sends.

Herb garden on a heart shaped shelfHeart Herb Garden

But it doesn't need to be in the kitchen. Find a spot in a dining room, a cupboard or even a disused fire place. How cool! Love my herb garden!

Have you got a vision? Make it happen then!

LED grow lights come in all shapes and sizes. There are dual or triple lights on a stand or with a clamp to easily fasten on tables and shelves. Let your creative touch flow with ideas.

Look around your room and see where you can clamp a lamp. You will be amazed at the number of unique designs that transpire from following through on this little tip.

How Do LED Indoor Grow Lights Work?

It's all in the wavelengths! When light is split up you see a spectrum of colours. These are different light wave lengths. Plants have the full spectrum under the natural sun, but they use red and blue wave lengths the most.

The dual lamp in my picture is a LED (light-emitting diode) red and blue spectrum lamp that's why it looks purplish.

Plants will absorb a high level of the blue wavelength mostly to germinate. They need to use both red and blue for photosynthesis and growth. Both are absorbed for the plants biological systems to operate but they take in a higher level of red for flowering, vivid colour and reproduction.

Without getting too technical here, grow lights are great for plants indoors. There are lamps that have the full spectrum, which can't be bad. After all, doesn't the sun shine the full spectrum down on all plants?

My light has a timer for controlling how much light exposure my herbs get. I can set it to turn off after 5, 9, or 12 hour sessions, The brightness of the lamps can be dimmed. You can use red and blue together or on their own.

These features are necessary to stop your plant from either being too close which can cause free radical damage called photo-inhibition, a kind of bleaching.

Or not enough light which as I've already experienced,, causes plants to grow long spindly stems that are groping about in the dark.

Indoor Grow Lights in Units

Lights also come with units or should it be, units also come with lights? Hydroponic units! They are extremely convenient! Just place them on a table or worktop in any room in the house.

You don't need to plant in soil or remember to water them. Just tank them up with a solution of water and nutrients when the level gauge indicates low.

They are not as versatile as using a stand-alone lamp which can be moved nearer or further away from your plants but they are compact with a built in planter and reservoir. See the results of a hydroponic unit here.

Cost Effective

Yes, I am getting round to answering the most obvious and important of all questions! How much is all this going to cost?

Well as you would already know, in general, LEDs are a low cost, low energy light source, so it stands to reason that indoor grow lights won't use up loads of electricity either. They are very economical to run so no big electricity bill.

You will hardly notice the difference in cost. The rest is up to you depending on your budget. Choose lights, with or without a unit, that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

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