Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Indoor herb garden kits are great gifts for your friends and family. But you want something of quality that is easy to use and can produce lush plants ready to use in next to no time. But looking around in the local shops may prove futile as I experienced. Why?

It's because most garden centre management seem to think home garden kits are for springtime use only. Wherever did they get that idea?

Just search online and you will see there is no shortage of them. That is because indoors you can grow herbs all year round and start harvesting in just a few months.

Windowsill Indoor Herb Garden Kits

A windowsill kit is one of the simplest ways of getting your kitchen or herbal garden off to a good start and it helps you get a bit of practice in before moving onto bolder projects.

Dropping a few hints around might land you with one as a gift from a very thoughtful and kind friend. Chances are, things like that probably only happen in your dreams, so good news, a few of these kits only cost around the price of an afternoon tea and scones for two and what's more there's lots of styles to choose from. So what's out there?

There are windowsill kits containing attractive pots that come with a tray, or you can get a complete set with seeds, compost and markers included.

There are some nice designs to be found. See this nice tropical looking one that I picked up!

The full kits are grouped by different herb themes.

Italian cooking is a world favourite and there are plenty of combinations of herbs to suit the dishes you love the most.

A friend of mine who looks Italian and loves Italian cuisine is crazy for the taste of coriander and basil. She was born in Slovakia! Just thought I would mention that.

Anyway, she was dropping hints like mad about the little bay window adjacent to her modest kitchenette having a vacant space which could accommodate an indoor herb garden kit. An Italian one!

Well just because it only happens in "my" dreams doesn't mean to say it cant become a reality for her. So pressie time Adrianna!

I will post some pictures of her garden once she gets over the shock and actually gets on with it. Watch this space!

Here are some combinations or flavours

  • Mediterranean – Basil, parsley, marjoram, oregano (wild marjoram) see my opening image
  • Thai - Coriander, Thai Chilli & Sweet Basil 
  • Chilli – Korean chillies, Chilli fingers, Hot chillies
  • Provençal herbs – Savoury, basil, lavender, thyme
  • Gourmet flowers - Cornflower, Calendula, Dianthus, French Marigold, Nasturtium & Wild Pansy

Bucket kits for windowsills usually host 1 particular herb. Although grown indoors the bucket can be transported onto a patio or balcony when summer arrives.

There is nothing to say you can't have a variety of herbs in a bucket.. Buy one or two complimentary herb seeds and make a combination bucket. Knowing what herbs to group together will encourage a healthy bucket and produce a nice display.

What can you expect when you open the box?.

Compost, enough to fill the bucket. A packet of seeds. Some may contain a marker to remind you of what you are growing. Growing several plants can get confusing as young seedlings can look strikingly similar. Instructions are usually written on the box.

Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Kits

These kits are easy work! The majority of models have electronic systems that deliver water and nutrients to the plants roots when needed. All you have to do is plant the seeds, mix and fill the reservoir with a nutrient solution, switch it on and watch them grow.

These kits can be quite pricey so look around first for one that suits your budget.

Check to see if the manufacturer supplies materials and replacement parts like grow plugs, grow light bulbs, and nutrients otherwise you could have a frustrating time searching around for them.

Grow light Indoor Herb Garden Kits

I use a separate grow light with plants that I'm growing in soil indoors or if they are not too big I will place them in my hydroponic unit which is designed for both types of growing.

There are however light kits that accommodate two or three compost potted plants or plants growing in water. These kits are not hydroponic systems but are boxed units with a grow light attached., ideal for apartments with no windows or windowsills.

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