Indoor Herbs For Every Room

Take advantage of indoor herbs by using them in every room. Customarily we think of them in connection with the kitchen which is a good beginning. Herbs enhance the flavour of food and are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Now take it to a higher level! Take your herbs into the living room, bathroom, bedrooms, hallway, conservatory and attic if you are fortunate enough to have a larger house. Use grow lights if light is limited or absent.

Here are some hints as to what herbs will feel at home in each of those rooms. Some you will know and some will perhaps be less familiar to you. But don't be put off by their unfamiliarity. Try something new!

Indoor Herbs for the Kitchen

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Start with a variety of indoor herbs at arms length around the kitchen and on the windowsill. Basil, coriander, chives, parsley and sage are the most commonly used. There are some simple-to-use windowsill herb kits that will get you off to a good start.


An interesting and tasty herb to grow in the kitchen is fenugreek for its sprouting leaves. Add these to salads and the seeds as an ingredient for exotic Indian curries.


Purslane is another. Grow winter and summer purslane for tossing in salads as an alternative to lettuce. It springs up very easily if sown near the surface. Being a very invasive plant, take care that it never finds its way into your garden if you have one.

Others to try are salad burnet, French tarragon and chervil

All ready to start an indoor kitchen garden?  Learn a few hints and tips before you do and get off on a good start.

Make your herbs a focal point in the dining room as well as the kitchen with an eyecatching herb garden kit with inbuilt lighting and watering systems.

Indoor Herbs for the Living Room

Does your living or sitting room have plenty of light? Grow attractive and citrus sweet smelling herbs such as lemon balm, myrtle, and lemon verbena.

Create a appealing focal point using a large pot with an attractive myrtle plant. Situate in a corner by the window or a grow lamp.

Myrtle has dark, shiny, highly aromatic leaves and white flowers that will scent the room with a fragrance similar to orange and spice. The leaves can be enclosed in herb pillows and also dried for pot-pourri, Grind the blue-black coloured berries as a spice which taste a bit like juniper berry.

Indoor Herbs for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to put indoor herbs that love water, low light and humid conditions. Consider if putting a plant in there could work for you.

Radiators can quickly turn that room into a dry arid environment so if you really need to have warmth in there, try using a radiator humidifier to keep the air from drying out.

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The best plants that will be at home in your bathroom are mints, aloe vera and wintergreen.

In the interiors of this steamy closet-like room we bare all to the elements, so mind you don`t bump your butt against the aloes!

Apart from minding the thorns of an aloe vera barbadensis plant, take note of this medicinal plant`s uses as a first aid kit for healing burns and skin complaints to soothing and helping to heal internal disorders.

Now you`ve got your bathroom sorted, time to make some noise. Get on down in the shower doing your favourite singer impersonation while you spruce up with aloe vera laced hair shampoo and body lotion.


This herb will grow well in the bathroom. The shiny aromatic leaves have a medicinal scent which coupled with the smell of mint make for a clean healthy fragrance.

The bathroom is certainly a cool place for it to grow as long as it gets enough light.

Next > growing indoor herbs in the bedroom, hallway, conservatory if you have one, and of all places, the attic.

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