The Indoor Vertical Garden

Where do you put an indoor vertical garden? Well, what do windows, walls, fridges, and cupboard doors have in common? They all provide ample growing space!

Great news! You can find all manner of vertical receptacles for growing herbs or any other plant you may fancy growing.

Planters can be bought with all the parts you need to set up your herb garden.

Suspended Indoor Vertical Garden Systems

Window hangers should be 1st choice if you have windows because herbs need light and daylight is the best and cheapest source with the correct spectrum for plants.

Vertical planters also come in horizontal kits. I know! That doesn`t seem to make sense does it? What I means is that there are horizontal rod systems to hang planters from, or vertical hanging systems that have lengths of pockets to accommodate your plants and they can be readily bought from most garden centres or online.

Felt pouches can be a bit tricky for an indoor vertical garden. Ideally the best to buy should have a waterproof backing and a drip tray to protect surfaces. If they don`t, then try to improvise.

DIY magnetic planters vertical herb garden indoor gardeningMagnetic Plant Pots

Magnetic pots can be stuck onto fridges or to mounted metal wall plates. These planters have strong magnets built in but the choices of buying them ready made are drastically limited to just 1 manufacturer according to my recent search efforts.

But hey! Where there`s a will there`s a DIY planter way! It is possible to create your own original styles by buying the components separately.

Cupboard doors in close proximity to a window can be used to hang light planters from. All that`s required are some over door hooks.

They are flat, square shaped metal hooks. Just make sure that when you open the door your plants won`t get crushed against a wall or window or anything for that matter.

If you have fairly tall ceilings why not hang your planters from the ceiling with cup hooks? Just locate where the wooden joists are so your not just screwing into plaster but something solid and watch out for any lighting cables.

Detector gadgets can do the job to find where cables and joists are. If you have a metal detector use that. Some people just find a joist by tapping. When the tap changes to a thud, that`s where the joist is.

Stacking Indoor Vertical Garden Systems

Not all planters need to be suspended! There are a variety of pocket stacking systems that can fit nicely into the corner of a wide windowsill, the top of a kitchen unit or even bigger ones stacked from the floor.

I have seen a 3 x 3 unit that allows you to create a wall garden right inside your kitchen by stacking them as high or as wide as you like or can reach.

Maybe it`s just me, but I can`t stand those coloured, plastic multi-pot stacking planters. Horrible things! The market seems to be awash with them. If you`re stuck on finding the ideal stackable, you could use shelving as an alternative.

One great product that is selling now in the UK is actually a bathroom corner shelving unit and I love it! The design is a wooden crate style with the choice of 3 or 4 shelves, natural or brown wood.

The natural can be stained to whatever colour you like, creating a cool look to compliment a variety of herb plants.

If you have the space for an indoor grow-light unit look for one that stacks. I own a two tier hydroponic structure that can be used for soil growing or hydroponics.

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