Lavender Wand Herb Crafting

What do you think of my first home-made lavender wand? Needs a bit of work, I know, but I am quite proud of this first attempt. Practice makes perfect!

Lavender wands are lovely, delicate and natural gifts to give to your friends made from the herbs growing in your own garden.

They were used in Victorian times and placed in linen and clothes closets and drawers to scent the contents with a fresh lavender perfume.

Today sachets are normally used but as an attractive alternative, a lavender wand will bring a surprised smile to the recipient's face.

Materials To Make a Lavender Wand

The lavender is at its best for this craft around June or July when the buds have not fully opened. My buds had opened but because I didn't want to wait another year, I went ahead and made the wand.

Pick at the base of about 15, 17 or 19 flower stalks depending on the size you want the lavender wand to be. Choose tall stalks if possible because you need the length to create a basket over the flower buds. Make sure you have an odd number of stalks to create the weave effect.

  • Scissors
  • 1mtr of narrow ribbon. (I call this the weaving ribbon)
  • 14 inches of narrow ribbon in a contrasting colour.
  • A piece of string or anything that can hold the stalks in place while you work. (I used a craft pipe cleaner)
  • A crochet needle or something thin like a skewer to work with.
  • Square tissue paper 12” x 12”and tape to wrap.

Making a Lavender Wand

Strip all the leaves off the stalks handling gently so you don't break them.

Now tie one end of the weaving ribbon just below the base of the flower heads and tie with a knot.

Turn the bundle up-side-down and gently bend each stalk over the flowers holding them down with the other

Space them out evenly around the flower heads so they are encased inside what now looks like a basket or cage.

Keep the short end of the weaving ribbon inside with the flowers but the long piece outside the basket.

Loosely tie the stalks to hold them together. Now we start the weaving!

Weave a Lavender Wand

Start to weave the long length of the weaving ribbon in and out the stalks working your way around and down to the loose tie.

To secure the remainder of the weaving ribbon in place, undo the loose tie, take the contrasting ribbon, find the centre, and wrap it around the stalks twice catching in your weaving ribbon. The ends should be the same length. Now tie it in a knot

Criss-cross the contrasting ribbon down the stalks leaving some to tie a bow.

Clip the stalks to make them all the same length. Now the lavender wand is finished!

Wrap it with tissue paper by folding it in half diagonally and rolling the lavender wand inside. Fix the parcel with tape or curling ribbon.

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