Living Walls in My Herb Garden

Living Green Wall

I love the idea of living walls. They are making a statement all over London and the rest of the world to say growing upward makes sense. Take a trip and have a look at those in your locality. They will inspire you to create your own.

Of coarse this way of cultivating is not new! Man has been using plants and trees from the beginning of the world to create barriers, boundaries and wind breakers. He manipulates tree branches to grow flat like walls, and fruit vines to cover trellises. Then you have spiked shrubs and trees planted around private properties mainly to deter the intruder.

But in this modern age the emphasis has shifted to growing vertically. Increasing populations, mean more housing forcing us into ever expanding cities and reducing our living space to minute proportions. Growing vertically will give you your green space back.

Felt Pouches for a Living Wall

I bought a felt growing system which has 49 pouches in all. I was dumbfounded as to how many herbs I could think of to plant in it. As you can probably tell from the picture, I didn`t quite manage to fill all the receptacles but compensated with a few trailing flowers. I am still working on the project.

Think of some herbs that produce big enough flowers to give the green wall a bit of colour. Nasturtium is such a herb and ock cress another where both will keep the snails at bay. Not every pouch needs to have herbs sporting bright flowers. Just every other will do it justice.

wall plant pouches on patioSemi-filled vertical planter pouches

The irrigation system that you see does not come with the pouches. Because my vertical garden is in a full sun position I added it to ensure that the plants have ample water during the hottest part of the day. It makes more sense to place these types of living walls in a shaded part of your patio or garden but not always do we have the choice.

A balcony can also host a vertical garden provided you have a drainage channel, container or plant pots along the bottom to catch excess water.

Creating Living Walls with Vines

Choosing what you will need to create a living wall depends on where you want to grow it. On a balcony or patio you will need a large pot or pots and a fixed or standing trellis. These can be made of wood, metal or garden twine. Stay clear of metal if your trellis will be in the hot sun most of the day.

In a garden prepare a narrow bed or raised bed against a wall, fence or trellis. Take your pick from various herb vines such as passion fruit, jasmine, and hops.

How to use Hanging Baskets

If you want to add colour to vertical herbs growing from hanging baskets, you can`t choose a better herb than nasturtium. This plant is fast growing and the varieties are plentiful. Hanging the baskets from an arched or bridged trellis will fill them in if their purpose is to serve as a back drop. Try using trailing rosemary and trailing thyme varieties but these take much longer to grow.

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