March Gardening Calendar

Get on the defensive! Start your March gardening armed with pest control sprays and strategies to fight against aphids and snails. These early-to-rise pests will get to work on your new young herb plants before they can see Spring through.

For the aphids and other later sap-sucking beasties I have two favourite weapons. A garlic solution and SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer.

For slug treatments and other safe suggestions for garden pests go to pest control.

March Gardening Tips For Sowing

This is a month of sowing, pricking out, and potting on.

Keep sowing a variety of herbs and any seedlings that are 1 ½ to 2 inches in height can be pricked out and potted on.

Later in the second half of the month start to harden off by sitting the pots outside during the day and bringing them back in at night.

For small gardens, patios and balcony gardens, herbs that are delicate can be put in a cold frame or mini-greenhouse and brought back in at night.

Make sure they are well ventilated to protect from mold or overheating on sunny days.

Preparing Compost and Soil

During this month young seedlings will be busy growing indoors or in the greenhouse.

Now is the time to prepare soil and compost in readiness to give the young herbs a healthy environment to grow strong and be productive.

I am a bit of a thrifty frugaler! I don't like to waste anything if I can help it.

When I have used the pumice stone gravel several times for hydroponic growing I then mix it through the soil or compost.

This works a treat for the plants. Pumice stone retains water, air and nutrients that plants need especially when growing in containers and pots.

Never mind if you don't use hydroponics to grow your herbs, go ahead and buy the pumice stone gravel as a mix in preparation for Spring planting out.

Non-Plastic March Gardening Tip

Use those cardboard tubes as seedling pots.

How to do it (use the photos to help)

  1. Cut a toilet roll cardboard tube in half and flatten it to create 2 creases.
  2. Open it up and flatten so as to make 2 more creases. You should have a box shape.
  3. Cut ½ inch along all 4 creases and fold in. Overlap the ends to make the bottom.
  4. Fill with potting compost and sow your seeds.

Beware of a Fake Spring

What lovely weather we are having in the UK. It's a glorious 20c + as I write this article and its only the end of February!

Spring flowers are starting to bloom. But wait! We're only approaching the 3rd month.

Don't be April Fooled in March and start sowing and planting outside.

Last year we had the Beast From The East and snow fell for several days freezing everything.

Be aware of freak weather due to climate change and don't leave plants that you have put out to sun during the day to stay overnight. The nights are still cold and frosty.

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