Plan a Patio Herb Garden

A patio herb garden is the exterior aromatherapy room, a chill-out space where you take time out, sip mint tea in the warm morning sun, feel the calming effect of lavender in the late afternoon and chill out with the smell of honeysuckle at the fall of dusk.

The Effect of Herbs in Pots

Unlike flowers herbs have a sober and softer effect on us. A flower garden sets the mood for gaiety, laughter, and lively conversation. A garden of herbs is somewhat different. Greens and purples with grey undertones create a sense of calm reflection, meditation and relaxation.

Think about the pots and planters you have and what herbs will look best in them. Play with textures and colours by sitting the herb inside the pot before actually planting it there. Move them around until you are happy with their positions.

Blend interior and exterior living areas together by placing a few pots just inside the patio doors. For this use herbs that will benefit from a warmer and more sheltered environment. If you use drapes think about their style, colour and texture too.

Be comfortable in your surroundings! Yes the seating area and the seating are both important for enjoying your patio herb garden. Rustic, shabby chic and the painted picket styles can make a herb garden look well used and a place for the wise at heart. Have a look around the charity shops or even what people might be throwing away at the local recycle depot if the staff there are obliging.

Patio Herb Garden Lighting

Wooooh! There is so much to choose from in exterior garden lighting. When I look out of my upstairs bedroom window in the evenings nearly all gardens and patios have some kind of lighting. Usually solar powered. This is the age of lights!

But beware! Your lighting can either make or break the mood. Stringed lights everywhere doesn't quite seem right. That's more for party poopers! But a few lanterns placed in dark shady spots and at seating areas will be more appealing.

Choosing Plants
For A Patio Herb Garden

Utilise your small space to the max! Create height and volume but don't cram them in. Use hanging baskets displaying prostrate rosemary, sage and nasturtium and if your space allows it a small corner trellis or arbour will support a climbing plant such as honeysuckle or passion flower.

Troughs are great for grouping purple sage, parsley, thyme, coriander, purple basil and mints together for easy picking.

Use tansy and sweet cicely with its fern-like leaves for softness and light in glazed ceramic pots.

In little patches of space deposit various succulents. Houseleek comes to mind. It is a very interesting herb that creates a miniature garden in a receptacle full of rocks. This herb was traditionally planted on porches and roofs but is just as at home in a vacant spot in a patio herb garden.

The divergening combination of herbs that you can choose are endless. Use them with flair!

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