The Vertical Garden for Herbs

Growing space is limited especially in cities, so vertical garden growing is a fast moving trend that is proving great for small space enthusiasts and environmentalists.

Whether indoors or outdoors there are plenty of new innovative ideas to choose from that will suit your needs.

Take your pick of vertical stacking planters, wall pockets, hanging planters, and step beds that can be irrigated using systems you can plumb into your hose pipe or gravity-powered drip and tier watering system that don`t require electricity and pumps.

Ceiling Bound Herbs Indoors

Space saving vertical herb gardens can be created not just in the kitchen but anywhere indoors where you have a space and can grow upwards. They don`t need as much attention as outdoor horticulture because they are shielded from the elements and garden pests in various ways.

A vertical garden is not only practical but can be very eye-catching and decorative too. Start utilizing your walls, doors and ceilings.

A converted pully system made for drying clothes is a stylish way to suspend light weight herb plants from the ceiling in front of a window or near fluorescent lighting.

See how I used powerful magnets on a fridge to create space for an indoor vertical garden idea.

Sky`s The Limit Outdoors

Literally “sky`s the limit” when you have just a small space on your balcony, patio or garden. But what`s great about it is that growers have thought out fantastic new ideas that look very attractive and modern in order to own a bit of green space.

Some stacking planter ideas are impressive, clinging to pillars and posts as they spiral upwards. But they can become quite expensive as your herb garden gets taller. If you don`t intend to create such a big show which involves a great deal of work and maintenance, then choose something like a felt pocket live wall alternatively called vertical growing pouches that are easier to manage and a bit kinder on the pocket.

You might like to choose a more modest herb garden using colourful plant pots suspended from hooks on a fence, railing or wall. These can look very charming especially when edible flowers are part of your mix.

Get DIY adventurous! Look around you for fresh, new ideas. Think how you can use old furniture, ropes, pipes, ladders. Whatever you have lying around that`s finished its original purpose can be altered, or transformed with a few nails and a lick of paint.

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