Windowsill Herb Garden Kits

Buying someone a windowsill herb garden kit is a very thoughtful and trendy gift. Today's healthy life styles encourage fresh green produce so there's a demand for grow your own kits.

For a first time gardener success is an important factor in classing your gift as a cherished item, but choosing a good kit is a challenge. Is the effort worth it? Absolutely!

The excitement of seeing a seed they personally planted spring into life is just a wonderful miracle they will never get used to, and from henceforth, their love affair with gardening begins.

If you know what to look out for, skip all the jargon, go ahead, jump right in and buy a herb garden kit. But if you think it's better to have all the facts and save yourself some hard earned cash from going down the pan, read on!

Windowsill Herb Garden Kits to Avoid

Read the reviews for the product! If there are a load of negative posts, read them and pick out the most common of complaints. The top grievance with herb garden kits is that the seeds fail to germinate. The customers sometimes go on to say that even after waiting a little bit longer there was still no spark of life.

Some sellers will put it down to the buyer not following instructions or something to that nature, but really, the main cause is that the seeds supplied with the kits have passed their sell-by-date.

Here is a tip. Before buying ask the seller if he knows the expiry date of the product.

Sometimes the compost has completely dried out creating a baron and dry environment where seeds don`t stand a chance.

If there are a whole load of complaints like these, avoid the product.

Another complaint that comes up often is the size and quality of some kits. They look good in the photo but fail to meet the expectations of the customer especially when they have paid for quality.

The Best Windowsill Herb Garden Kits

Is it reasonable then to say that the good reviews must reflect the integrity of the product? Not on your nellie! Some of those good reviews are from reviewers who were paid to write them.

I am not saying all of them are but unfortunately they do exist. The best reviews are those which have photos as proof. Yes growing and showing healthy herbs are their stamp of confidence.

Unwins Review

The kits that stand out from the rest for me are the Unwins Herb Kitchen Garden Kit.

Their reviewers post photos that speak louder than words. You will get a few bad comments but that's to be expected.

What's in the box? It contains a sturdy wooden box that's lined with polythene to save any water leakage spoiling the windowsill.

There are 4 thin plastic pots that feels something like the inside of a chocolate box, 4 packets each containing seeds for a specific herb, compost and instructions written on the box. Dimensions are 34 cm long x 9.5 cm wide x 9.5 cm tall.

Now that I have bought and I'm about to try it out my windowsill herb garden kit, I will post the results in a few weeks as to how my herbs are doing. Stay posted!

Herbs At Home Review

My second choice is the Viridescent Indoor Herb Garden Kit.

Viridescent means `becoming green`. It sounds good, looks good, but how does it perform?

The kit has a plastic tray, galvanized pots with holes in the bottom for drainage, a wooden crate- style box with a blackboard strip for labelling herbs, chalk and compost.

Dimensions are good. 33.5cm long x 9.5cm tall x 12.5cm wide. The plus signs are all present. I just have to test it out! Will post the results soon.

Windowsill Herb Garden Kits
(Pots Only)

Pink planter pot ceramic container windowsillPink planter

You can opt out of buying a whole kit and just buy some fancy containers which you can grow any herb seed you wish.

The only problem with that is you will need to buy a whole bag of compost and then find the space to store it if you plan on using it again.

Surplus seeds will be left over too. Great for those of us who want a continuous supply of herbs. If that's you, go for it!

Keep in mind that some kits contain pots with holes but don't supply any trays while other kits contain hole-less pots but still supply the trays!!? Take a closer look before buying!

Some are made of tin that are very pretty and rustic! Yes, they will “rust” after a while. The tiny succulent pots are cute but you won't grow much herbs in them. Plastic? That's a choice only you can make!

That leaves the porcelain and galvanized which I rate the best. They won't spoil, are sturdy and they look good!

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